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Dr. David Bücheler

Director Process Engineering

+49 7251 3858-130


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    Production cell for preforms

    The Cutting & Stacking Center at Schmidt & Heinzmann GmbH & Co. KG has created a successful interplay between hardware and software. The flexible preform production cell features material-specific cutting with optimised nesting over several tables and precise placement of the cuts on the stack in optimised cycles. At the same time, it reacts to any changes in the workflow and performs all necessary recalculations. As an enabler of cost-efficient lightweight technologies, it has now been presented the ThinKing Award for December 2021.

    About the company

    For more than 40 years, Schmidt & Heinzmann has been developing and producing innovative custom-made production systems and automation solutions for the fibre-reinforced plastics industry. The company’s portfolio comprises:
    • Cutting systems for fibres of all types
    • SMC manufacturing systems
    • Fibre spray systems
    • Bonding systems for automated adhesive processes
    • Automated cutting and stacking systems
    • Automated preform production systems
    • Automated systems for composite cut and component handling
    • Customer-specified solutions
    Schmidt & Heinzmann employs more than 130 people at its headquarters in Bruchsal and its subsidiaries in the USA and China, generating sales of approximately 20 million EUR in 2020.

    At a glance

    • Cost efficiency
    • Optimised cycle time
    • Enhanced quality
    • Flexibility
    • Intelligent automation


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