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    large-scale plastic printer

    Manufacturing functional prototypes from plastic can be an expensive business. Additive manufacturing processes are one answer – the only problem is that the 3D printing of larger components is often still far too slow. The young company Q.big 3D GmbH has come up with a solution. The start-up’s large-scale plastic printer operates with various throughputs, which makes it especially economic as it is able to scale the throughput and the “print resolution” to the component geometry. And it processes inexpensive standard granules rather than filaments: from polylactides (PLA) through to high-performance, fiber-reinforced polymers.

    About the company

    The young start-up offers functional prototype construction for the plant, mechanical engineering and automotive industries. The printing process enables large-scale components to be produced especially economically and quickly. This pays off in reduced time-to-market. All three founders, Dennis Herrmann, Katja Schlichting and Michael Heel, graduated from Aalen University.

    At a glance

    • Economic and efficient production of large-scale components using 3D printing processes
    • Material costs lower by a factor of 10 to 100
    • Extruder with variable nozzle for fine and bold printing
    • Material deposition, throughput and speed according to geometry requirements
    • No need for time-consuming surface reworking


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