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    Additive lightweight construction in mechanical engineering

    The combination of lightweight construction and additive manufacturing ensures significant improvements in mechanical engineering. VMR GmbH & Co. KG proves this by optimizing a supply unit for cooling lubricant on a machine tool. The developers at VMR are redesigning the device that originally weighed almost two kilograms. The functional areas and screw-on positions remain in place. The rest of the part structure is created with the help of strength-optimized calculations. Material is only deposited there where forces occur. After the redesign and production in metal using 3D printing, the device weighs a whopping 1.3 kilograms less: only 330 grams.
    The topology-optimized component saves resources and increases the accuracy of the machine tool. In addition, the unit price has decreased compared to machining. The example shows how a component can be successfully put into practice through consistent design and additive manufacturing.

    About the company

    VMR GmbH & Co. KG, based in the Black Forest, has been manufacturing prototype and series parts made of plastic and metal since 1992. A special hobbyhorse is additive manufacturing using selective laser melting and the associated support with additive-based construction.

    At a glance

    • Weight reduction
    • Cost reduction
    • Increased system accuracy
    • Energy saving
    • Resource saving


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