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Aluminum profile with internal CFRP reinforcement

Usually, patches are used to reinforce components with CFRP. Inserting semi-finished fibre products into the diameter of a profile is more unusual approach. The idea for an internal reinforcement earned the June ThinKing award. Low weight, stability, stiffness and damping are the result of a lightweight construction solution for an embroidery machine that can also […]

Driverless Transport System

ThinKing March 2021 shows in an impressive way that lightweight construction can do more than just save weight. For EMM! solutions, lightweight design is part of their corporate DNA. The term lightweight design describes the company’s central development strategy. Its goal is to optimally utilise all resources, including material and time, to produce the required […]

Intelligent CFRP chuck

The intelligent lightweight TOROK-CFRP-IQ chuck from HAINBUCH GmbH, in Marbach am Neckar, perfectly utilises lightweight technologies. It complements the benefits of weight reduction with sophisticated sensor technology, thereby optimising its customers’ production and simultaneously preparing them for digitalisation.

Lightweight battery housing

“The first idea for a modern, lightweight starter battery was created as part of a project focused on reducing axle load. At that time, many years ago, the idea was not implemented, but the potential was clear and we never stopped thinking about the challenge” says Florian Wätzold, project manager at TGM Lightweight Solutions GmbH, […]

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